Prostate Cancer: Decision Time

Prostate Cancer: Decision Time

The last doctor I was scheduled to see was a urologic oncologist at the University of Washington Department of Urology. If I were going to have surgery for my prostate cancer this was the guy who would do it. I’d heard he was one of the best in the world and my assumption, because he was a surgeon, was that he would tell me why I needed surgery right away, just as the radiation oncologist had told me that if I chose to have radiation I shouldn’t wait more than a couple of months to start.

At this point, I was leaning towards having surgery. I wasn’t a big fan of doing nine weeks of radiation and still not knowing for sure if the cancer was gone. I also didn’t like the long-term side effects that radiation might cause with my bladder and colon. I was sure that the surgeon I was talking to would most likely agree that surgery was the best option.


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