My Thoughts on Prostate Cancer and Alternative Treatments

My Thoughts on Prostate Cancer and Alternative Treatments

Since writing my series of articles about my prostate cancer, which you can find on my website, I have received several emails and comments of encouragement. I have also received a few emails telling me of other treatment options besides the three I’ve talked about.

Some of these are a little out of the mainstream such as injecting the prostate with cannabis oil, which they are apparently doing in Canada and Australia, and injecting herbs in the prostate, which is being done in a clinic in China. Others are very viable options like High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and Cryosurgery which freezes the cancerous prostate tissue.

In my last article, I told you that I had decided to take the active surveillance route. This would require me to have follow-up PSA tests and another biopsy is a few months. If my Gleason score is still a six I’m told I can continue to wait before treating my cancer.

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