Still trying to balance retirement with my new career.

Still trying to balance retirement with my new career.

The last few months have been very busy with leisure and work. Trying to remember I’m supposed to be retired Suzie and I took a few trips this year. The last one was a three week cruise to western and northern Europe. We flew to London and then took a cruise ship that went to Germany, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark. We even cruised north for two days in the Arctic Circle. We went as far north as we could go until we got to the polar ice shelve and had to turn back because a fog came in and we couldn’t see the icebergs.

When we got back I got right back to work on promoting my new CD Get Back Up, which hit number one on the Amazon hot new releases list for swing jazz and number three for easy listening. A couple of the songs from the CD, As The One That Got Away and A Want or a Need, both of which I wrote with Erich Benedict are even starting to get some radio play. Now that’s very cool.

Realizing that I hadn’t put anything on my You Tube channel for a while I decided to record myself singing As The One That Got Away on my porch in front of the lake. I thought this would be a simple process but it ended turning into a comedy of errors as the battery on the camera kept dying so I plugged it in but at the end of the song I tripped over the cord smashing the camera. I eventually got the video on You Tube and if you watch it you’ll have no idea how painful this was to get done. Maybe in the future I’ll leave the videos to Erich.

You can check the video out here:

I also got back to work on my book Get Back Up and I’m happy to report that I finished the first draft. I now need to go back and iterate with Mary Jane to turn my stories into a more proper book form. Mary Jane is working on her forth published book so I have no doubt she will be able to whip my ramblings into shape.

I even got to do a little performing after we got back, doing a couple of shows at Guido’s.  Erich and I have also been signed to do a couple of holiday shows, one of those for my old friends at Microsoft. Though I recorded my Magic of Christmas CD a couple of years ago this will be the first time I’ll get to perform some of these songs live. I’m sure Erich and I will have a great time.

Well that’s it for now. As always I wish you nothing but the best.


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