Is it June Already?

Is it June Already?

Well here we are in June already. Another year is flying by but I’m glad to say I’ve gotten plenty done. The highlight, of course, is the release of my book Get Back Up: From the Streets to Microsoft Suites on June 14th. It’s also been fun to see all the press and interviews I’ve been getting. You can see all of that on the In The News page on my website.

Another big event was the rotator cuff surgery I had to have in March. If you’ve been following me for a while you know I’ve done a lot to get back into shape after leaving Microsoft. Well I guess I should have done a little less because I ended up wearing out my shoulders. I had the left one fixed and now I’m doing physical therapy on it. As soon as that one is working well again I’ll need to have the right one done. Since I’m right handed you better get your signed copy of my book soon while I can still write. 🙂

Another thing I’ve been doing, that has been a lot of fun, is writing by-line articles for a number of online magazines and a guest blog on the Huffington Post. You can see all of those on my press page as well. It’s really starting to feel like I’m working full time again but at least I’m working on something fun.

The rest of the year I really hope to get more into public speaking. I’ve already had the chance to speak at the local Kiwanis club and later this month I will be speaking to the QA managers at Facebook. I hope I’ll get the chance to do some speaking at Microsoft as well.

On the music side I’m very pleased, and a little surprised, that my recording of That’s Life continues to sell well, especially on iTunes, even four years after I released it. Even on Spotify I’m still getting a number of streams though it is very surprising that the number one song, of mine, playing is the Christmas song Home for the Holidays. Seems like an odd choice for June but a spin is a spin.

I’ve been putting all of my effort these days into the book launch but soon I hope to get back to performing some music as well. I’ll let you know when and where.

As always thanks for your friendship and support.


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