Book Cover

Get Back Up Cover

George A. Santino

My profile picture for the book.

George A. Santino

Profile picture 2

Family Photo

Johnny, Joanne, Dennis, and me in front of our Tasker Street projects house.

Family Fun

My bothers and sisters playing in the family pool with Dad keeping a watchful eye.

Holy Communion

Dennis and I with our Dad after our first holy communion.


Dad doing one of his favorite things.

The Guys

The guys andĀ I from the TaskerĀ Street housing projects.

Car Accident Front View

The front view of the car accident from chapter six of the book.

Car Accident Side View

Side view of the car accident mentioned in chapter six.

Christmas In Bed

After my back fusion I have to spend Christmas in bed.

Reggies Interior Before The Walls

Reggies before the walls go up.

Reggies 1

My sports bar I talk about in chapter 9 of my book.

The Long Ride

In chapter 12 I talk about moving across country in a 26 foot U-Hall, pulling a trailer, carry a car, containing my dogs.

Ashton-Tate 2

Ashton-Tate from the valley below

The Cane

After my back surgeries I have to use a cane.


When the cane isn't enough I have to use a wheelchair.


After some time and a lot of hard work I ditch the wheelchair and the cane.