“Candid, informative, exceptional, and consistently engaging, with “Get Back Up” Santino (with the help of M. J. Beaufrand) presents an inherently fascinating and compelling autobiography that is unreservedly recommended, especially for community and academic library Contemporary American Biography collections.”
Wisconsin Bookwatch
“‘Get Back Up’ is an absolutely fantastic read, and is highly recommended. Inspiring in so many ways, this is a great story of overcoming many struggles (both physical & financial) and how dedication and determination can help a person rise to the top of their game. From humble beginnings on the streets of Philadelphia to the polished platinum offices of Microsoft, George A. Santino weaves a tale of great expectations with debilitating setbacks, small victories, new challenges, and an ultimate climb to the pinnacle of the corporate ladder. An incredible ‘can-do’ story if ever there was one.”
Db Kirk, Amazon Reviewer
“Exceptionally well written with wit, wisdom and insight, “Get Back Up: From the Streets to Microsoft Suites” is an inherently fascinating and consistently compelling autobiography that is unreservedly recommended for both community and academic library American Biography collections. “
Micah Andrew, Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
“In June 2016, I invited George to one of team managers’ meetings at Facebook’s Seattle office as an Inspirational Speaker. Prior to that, I had my team read his recent book, “Get back up”. I highly recommend reading the book. Except myself, no one in my team had any prior knowledge of George’s accomplishments. Within first 5 minutes, my leads were actively engaged in George’s talk about his journey and passion for Quality. It was a very memorable, inspiring, and engaging talk my team ever had. George was amazing in relating his experience to current situations and how one can be a great QA Engineer and a Manager. If you are building a team and looking for an inspirational speaker, I highly recommend George A. Santino. George, thank you for coming and sharing your wisdom. It has made a significant impact to all my team members. Wishing you the best.”
Manish Patel, QA Manager, Facebook
“When I first heard recording artist and author George A. Santino’s song GET BACK UP I was inspired by the message. What made it even more impactful, however, was knowing that they weren’t just words for him. He had done exactly what he was sharing with others through the inspirational anthem. Now in the book GET BACK UP he peels the layers of his life back for us to be able to see how a boy coming from humble beginnings was able to overcome extreme challenges, hardships and setbacks to finding success in his professional and personal life. I was able to get an advanced copy of the book before it was launched, and going through George A. Santino’s journey from learning the benefits of working hard early on to not giving up when faced with adversity reminds us all of what is possible. True not all of us will be an executive at a big corporation or even own our own business, but we can all give the best of ourselves to what we want and realize that the sacrifices we make will be well worth it in the long run. Santino wouldn’t be able to share this message of not staying down when you stumble and fall if he hadn’t lived it first. Because of him we have a real-life example of what is possible. Because of GET BACK UP you can realize that where you are now is not where you have to stay. You can keep moving forward, and it all begins right now with the decision to do so.”
Cyrus Webb, media personality/Top 500 Amazon Reviewer
“We have all faced obstacles in our lives whether personal or business. We choose to either get back up or just give up. In his book, which is inspirational as well as motivational, he had many valid reasons to give up, but persevered on both a personal and business level. Being a former manager of a business I was particularly intrigued by his managerial style and skills. Being a mentor, motivator, and having a positive approach to his employees, building a team, and being successful not only on each task assigned but being so innovative, that he forged ahead a company to be even more efficient and successful. From a business standpoint I believe there are some valuable lessons in this portion of the book that could benefit any business or corporation..so get back up or give up….I choose to get back up!”
Amazon Customer, Amazon.com Purchase Review
“This book is filled with stories that I feel can touch each of us, maybe in different ways, but the up and down experiences of Mr. Santino and his resilience and perseverance were an inspiration to me. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.”
Danhof, Amazon.com Purchase Review
“Truly inspirational story of a man with a singular focus. Too many times people give up easily when faced with adversity or hear a “no.” They blame their luck or blame others, and all too quickly abandon their dreams. In an engaging, enjoyable, and easy to read book that you can’t put down, you will see that with persistence and hard work, your dreams are within reach. This book should be on everyone’s summer must-read list.”
Amazon Customer, Amazon.com Purchase Review
“As a book reviewer, sometimes the promotion for the book is actually better than the actual book. Oops, did I just say that? Well sometimes it is. Occasionally the author hires a really good PR company and they write an amazing synopsis of the book and you think, I really need to read that! Then you get the book and you are really disappointed. Like disappointed to where you can barely get through the first couple of chapters without falling asleep. Well this is one of those times that the PR company hit the nail on the head! This is a great book! It really is a humorous story! I love how the author isn’t stuck on himself, is brutally honest and shares their story of how he literally had no place to live and ends up on top. If you are looking for a great motivational beach read that touches your heart and mind, then I highly recommend this book! I don’t think you will be disappointed!”
Mommy's Gone Shopping Again, Review
“I would recommend this book. The story of George A. Santino Get Back Up is very inspirational and you find yourself drawn into the time period with him. While I was reading Get Back Up I found myself to be right there with Mr. Santino, walking with him by his side as he endured all the changes throughout his life. As I could relate to most of these changes. I believe that our youth today need to read Mr. Santino’s book and realize that you can accomplish anything if life if you have the drive and determination.”
Robert Coronado, Amazon.com Purchase Review
“I had the pleasure of interviewing George A Santino on my radio program and I found the story he relates, in his book Get Back Up, to be an inspirational tale of turning turmoil into triumph. His story is proof that the American dream is alive and well.”
Frank MacKay, Syndicated radio/TV show host
“This book, Get Back Up, is a modern classic – a story of grit, determination and the true American spirit. George A Santino narrates a story that can inspire anyone who has been knocked down or pushed back. Building a successful career or life starts as a dream we can all pursue. Read this book!”
Derrick Connell, Vice President, Bing, Microsoft
“I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting George A. Santino in person, but after experiencing his talent through his music and now reading his book GET BACK UP I feel a connection with him through his journey. He shows that no matter where you start or what you have experienced the only thing that is truly limiting you is You. GET BACK UP is the kind of book that will motivate, inspire and propel you towards your goals and dreams, if you are willing to do the work.”
Cyrus Webb, media personality/Top 500 Amazon Reviewer