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You Have Prostate Cancer. Now What?

I’m still not over the shock of hearing I have prostate cancer. My urologist told me I had three options: watchful waiting or active surveillance, radiation, or surgery. I realized I had to educate myself. The surgery is something they call a radical prostatectomy. The watchful waiting was my preferred option, but the urologist reminded me [...]

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Building Great Teams

It’s a fact that it takes a great product to help make a company successful, and it’s also true that products don’t get built without talented managers leading strong teams. If your goal is to become a successful manager or supervisor, you have to start by building a great team. 1. Assessing Your Needs Before [...]

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Are You a Victim?

If you listen to politicians from both major political parties these days, we’re all victims. They say that the system is rigged and the deck is stacked against us. They tell us that we don’t stand a chance of getting ahead in life or being truly successful unless (of course) we vote for them. Do [...]

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How A College Dropout From The Fast Food Industry Rose To Management At A Leading Tech Company

Get Back Up: From The Streets To The Microsoft Suites, is the career autobiography of George Santino, co-written by MJ Beaufrand, and spanning Santino’s decades-long career journey from his difficult childhood through making partner at Microsoft. Santino documents his ups and downs in careful detail, including how he talked his way into his first tech [...]

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A Remarkable Rags to Riches Story

How often do you interrupt yourself? We share how to get far more done by interrupting yourself a lot less. And could you easily be replaced?  Entrepreneur and author Seth Godin explains how to make yourself indispensable and “fireproof”. Then, the rags to riches story of George A. Santino ( who rose from the projects [...]

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I’m George A. Santino and This Is My Dharma

George A. Santino is an author, singer, song writer, and motivational speaker. He started from very humble beginnings in the projects of South Philadelphia and built a life of success through hard work and perseverance. Some of the obstacles Santino faced along the way included a major car accident, corporate and personal bankruptcy, a back [...]

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George A. Santino – Never Give Up

From a very young age, George A. Santino realized that if you wanted something, you had to work for it - even if that meant digging for soda bottles in trash cans. This attitude got him far in life - he received four rejections from Microsoft before they employed him in an entry level position. [...]

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Retirement. Now what?

The day will be here soon, or perhaps it has already arrived. You wake up in the morning, just as you’ve been doing for years, but today you have no place to go and nothing to do. Were your friends correct when they said you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself once you retired? [...]

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