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Get Back Up

George A. Santino of Woodinville, Washington, doesn't let lifes challenges hold him down. "Life will knock you down on your butt over and over again, but you just have to get back up," he says. Read More

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Interview with George A. Santino

Originally from the Philly projects, surrounded by abject poverty and crime, Santino wanted better for himself. He vowed he would be a success and would let nothing stop him. Santino’s love of music started at a young age. Despite the school of hard knocks, this singer, writer, and motivational speaker managed to pick himself up, [...]

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Mistletoe, Magic and George A. Santino! Frank Sinatra style crooner brings back a magical era!

It's that time of year again, family, friends and fun. George A. Santino will take you on a nostalgic journey with his video "The Magic Of Christmas". Dazzling fans from coast to coast George A. Santino is focused, driven and passionate about his love of music and always has been! He brings us back that [...]

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Tampa Native George A. Santino Living His Dream!

Recently retired from a fulfilling career at Microsoft, George has left the rat race for the Rat Pack. Recently recording his debut album “Come Fly with Me,” a collection of crooner classics in George’s own unique style, he is diligently working with a vocal coach and preparing to share his passion project with the world. [...]

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Man on Monday: George A. Santino

Here at All Things Girl we love stories of reinvention, particularly when the journey takes us right back to our center. The aspirations that lie at the core of who we truly are. The dream we held onto tightly in our youth, but that life, the world around us, or our internal critic shut down [...]

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George A. Santino: A Seattle Crooner

After a twenty year gig at Microsoft, George A. Santino has launched yet another fulfilling career—that of smooth crooner of the Great American Songbook. According to his website, he has “left the rat race for the Rat Pack.” His fine new cd, Come Fly With Me, a collection of standards associated with Frank Sinatra, is [...]

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