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Still trying to balance retirement with my new career.

The last few months have been very busy with leisure and work. Trying to remember I’m supposed to be retired Suzie and I took a few trips this year. The last one was a three week cruise to western and northern Europe. We flew to London and then took a cruise ship that went to Germany, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark. We even cruised north for two days in the Arctic Circle. We went as far north as we could go until we got to the polar ice shelve and had to turn back because a fog came in and [...]

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A Busy Summer

It’s been a fun and busy summer. We spent most of June on a road trip through Oregon and Northern California. We visited some very cool spots like Crater Lake, Oregon Caves National Monument, National Volcanic Monument, and spent a couple of weeks visiting the wineries of Napa Valley. While I was doing that my producer Erich Benedict was mixing and mastering my third CD Get Back Up. And Anessa was doing her magic on all the pictures she took for a very cool cover for the CD. This CD not only has six great cover songs it also has [...]

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It’s Been Too Long

I’ve been so busy, I’ve forgotten to blog in a while. It hasn’t been all work however as I just got back from a month in sunny Florida. The weather was great! The day after we got back to Seattle it snowed. I miss Florida already. It wasn’t all fun and games in Florida, though it was mostly fun and games. While I was there I released another new song. This one is called A Want or a Need. I wrote the lyrics and my producer and good friend Erich Benedict wrote the music. I got the idea for the [...]

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Another busy couple of months

Well it’s been a fun and busy couple of months. During that time I released my new song When You Walked Through The Door. Buy "When You Walked Through The Door" on It got to number 2 on the Amazon Easy Listening chart. The music for that song was written by my vocal coach Larry Bridges of At the same time my friend and producer Erich Benedict of and I started working on a few things. First we put together an act and we’ve put on a few shows at Marianna Ristorante and Pizzeria Guido  That has [...]

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The New Song Is Out

Well the new song, When You Walked Through The Door, has been released. I mentioned in previous blogs and on my Facebook page that I was writing a song about the first time I saw my wife. Well with the help of my good friend and vocal coach Larry Bridges I think we put together a very good song. And when we added the talent of Ben St John on drums and Erich Benedict who not only produced, mixed, and mastered the song but also played all the other instruments including a great sax solo, I think we ended up [...]

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Busy, Busy, Busy.

  It’s been a couple of months since I’ve written and it’s been a busy couple of months. During this time I’ve written couple of songs. One is called When You Walked Through the Door and the music for it was written by my vocal coach Larry Bridges of Bridges Voice Instruction at The other song is called As The One That Got Away and the music for that was written by my producer Erich Benedict of with an H media at At the same time Erich and I have decided to put together a show and hit [...]

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The year is off to a nice start

I actually thought things would slow down after the holidays. My Christmas CD sold well and my music video for The Magic of Christmas got over 123,000 views!  But I was done with making CDs and videos and I was going to get back to writing my book. I didn't want to leave You Tube completely behind since they removed my video of Come Fly With Me, because I didn't have a sync license, so I asked Erich Benedict to make a compilation video of my Seattle Center performance. This is the link: I certainly didn't expect to get as many views as the Christmas [...]

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Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since I retired form Microsoft but when you think about everything I’ve done it actually seems longer. Since leaving Microsoft I recorded my first CD, Come Fly With Me, which was a selection of my favorite crooner tunes. I released That’s Life as a single first and it was number one on the Amazon hot new releases list for two weeks. I then released the entire CD and the title song Come Fly With me went to number 1. I was amazed as you were. We then shot the music [...]

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The Magic of Christmas

Well my Christmas CD is finally done and available for sale on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. All of which you can access on my buy page at This CD was a tremendous amount of fun to make and while I’d like to take some of the credit I must admit that I had a lot of talented help. Starting with Erich Benedict of with an H media who directed, produced, mixed and mastered as well as played the piano, guitar, bass, sax, and clarinet. He is truly an amazing talent. Besides my singing you’ll also hear my daughter [...]

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Can’t let a little blister stop me

What a great September it was.  I got to perform at the Seattle Center 50th Birthday Bash and though I must admit my voice wasn’t perfect the people really seemed to appreciate it. In fact the MC told me that I had the biggest crowd of the day on that stage. I know you’re never supposed to apologize during a performance but I knew I would have sung better if it weren’t for this blister on my vocal chords but when the MC said “if you sound that good with a blister on your vocal chords, I’d find a way [...]

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Christmas in August

It seems if you want to release a Christmas CD in time for Christmas you have to start to work on it in August. So that is what I am doing. I’m in the studio singing Christmas songs surrounded by Christmas decorations and trying to get into the spirit singing Baby It’s Cold Outside when it’s finally warm outside here in the Pacific Northwest. I even had to pick the cover for the CD, before I sang the first song, so it could be ready for the holiday gift guides. I had a couple of choices so I put it [...]

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My voice might need a rest but that doesn’t mean I get to

So it turned out that I don’t have tonsillitis at all but I do have a problem with my vocal cords. It seems you can't not sing for twenty years and then rush right out and record an album. You can get blisters on your vocal cords just like you can on your feet. The doctor told me not to talk for four days. That was interesting. I used a pad and pencil to communicate. The funny part was when I would write something down and then hand it to a person and instead of just saying their reply they [...]

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