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“I think it goes without saying that things have definitely changed over the years, especially when it comes to music. With George A. Santino’s newest single BRING BACK THE SONGS he reminisces about the music we used to enjoy that had meaning and made you feel something. Those songs had “lyrics so clear, they had a certain touch.” He then gives us examples of what he means. “Words from Sinatra, Martin and Davis,” he sings. “Music and vocals, the memories they gave us.” We all have those special songs that when they came on we couldn’t help but sing along and be transported to another place. With BRING BACK THE SONGS Santino does something that you can’t help but appreciate: He made a great song about great music! The combination is something you will find yourself singing and reflecting on as well. That is what makes the song one you’ll remember.”

Cyrus Webb TOP 500 REVIEWER, Amazon.com Purchase Review
“Singer and author George A. Santino is magical. A hybrid of jazz and inspirational. Amazing production, instrumentation and vocals. Powerful messages sealed with a searing crisp voice. Mr. Santino should be quite busy during the holidays with his soothing sounds and soulful melodies. This veteran also has been at it for quite some time; and it’s quite obvious with his apparent control and lyrical content. This artist’s extreme marketability, charisma and talent will most likely land him a gig singing a jingle or two on someone’s daytime talk show. His sophistication and grace has earned him a spot on our 360 Watch List.”
“George A. Santino’s talent shows why he is such an appreciated artist.
Come Fly With Me is another example of his ability to tell a story with music, and when you are speaking of that special someone, it is a song that will definitely endear them to you. Who wouldn’t want to get away and enjoy some time together? That is what the song conjures up. Even if there are others around, when the two of you are together it is just about you. “When I get you up there I’ll be holding you so near,” George sings. “You might hear angels cheer cause we’re together.” A song with swing and sure to get you moving, Come Fly With Me is sure to become a fan favorite.”
Cyrus Webb TOP 500 REVIEWER, Amazon.com Purchase Review
“The Magic of Christmas Another beautiful song by a wonderful and amazing artist.The Magic of Christmas is what Christmas is all about. I recommend this wonderful Single.Listening to George sing you can tell that this is definitely a man that sings from the heart!! He puts so much feeling into each song…Please consider The Magic of Christmas I promise you that you’ll be truly happy and feel your heart fill with the Christmas Spirit. And look for his Beautiful and amazing Cd titled The Magic of Christmas it is filled with 14 wonderful and amazing Christmas Hits that will bring back memories and fill your heart with joy!!”
Robert Coronado, Amazon.com Purchase Review
“Turns out the Mr. Santino who sings on the fantastic Come Fly With Me CD we bought can write songs too! This is a terrific song. You can’t go wrong here because as much as folks like all the classic stuff, it’s nice to get something new that genuinely works for Christmas. I’m going to get the new Christmas CD the second it’s available. I’ll post a review.”
Charles Wheeler, Amazon.com Purchase Review
“George A. Santino’s THAT’S LIFE reminds us that one day you can be up and the next down, but you can’t give up hope. There is always that silver lining. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder for it. It’s a tune that will definitely stick with you, and I think that is what makes it such a great reminder for all of us. When you are feeling down just remind yourself “That’s life.” Those days will come, but they don’t have to be all that we have. Sometimes we have to work to make the day be what we want it to be. If we aren’t willing to put in the work, we really can’t expect anything more than what we get. Love this song and will definitely be sharing it.”
Cyrus Webb TOP 500 REVIEWER, Amazon.com Purchase Review
“This has always been one of my favorite songs, but George Santino is so talented that the song seems brand new even though he sings it in classic Sinatra style! One of the best I’ve downloaded in a long time. Get this one.”
Mary Gentry, Amazon.com Purchase Review
“Great job George!! I really enjoyed listening to this and have recommended to several others too. I look forward to many more from you!”
Amazon.com Purchase Review
“Excellent work. Every time we listen we hear something remarkable in Mr. Santino’s voice. Wait until you hear it with the lights dimmed and you can really tune out any distractions. Truly marvelous!”
Amazon.com Purchase Review
“George Santino has that raw talent that some people are born with, and the first album from George Santino is no disappointment. it is fresh, positive and inspiring with a hint of New York … Little Italy, that is:-).”
Lena, Amazon.com Purchase Review
“In this single, George A. Santino gives a fine reading of the Dean Kay/Kelly Gordon classic immortalized by Frank Sinatra in 1966. Santino has a way of delivering a lyric with superbly believable conviction, the story being expertly rendered with his warm, musical, baritone. Highly listenable and highly recommended!”
Stu, Amazon.com Purchase Review
“Sinatra would love this. Our son came over and put this on. It actually made my wife and I get up off the couch and dance! What a voice. Highly recommended.”
Charles Wheeler, Amazon.com Purchase Review
“Getting the opportunity to record a Sinatra song with George was such a pleasure!! He was just the sweetest man to work with and so supportive. Anytime I’ve worked at With An H studio with Erich we always have such a blast. Erich is so talented and professional. Take Erich’s talent plus George’s amazing voice and you’re guaranteed gold. It was an honor and darn good time. Can’t wait for the rest of the world to enjoy George’s musical talent as much as I do. Thanks again!!!”
Laura West, Seattle, WA
“As a rabid Sinatra fan, I’ve always been leery of another singer having a go at the legendary songbook of the proven master. Santino won me over, however, with his fresh take on these well-known classics. This album is not a mere attempt at imitation in my view, but rather an homage to an idol who inspired Santino to share his unique gift with us all.”
Karin Stoffer, San Jose, CA
“I wish my mother could hear you sing; you are fantastic. I mean I think it’s better than the original.You sound peppy, happy and give it your all. I’m so proud you. It’s beautiful! I love it. I want to get one of your cds because it will be so special. The best of luck to you.”
Nikki Greg, Springfield, PA
“Wow! Great Song! I’m ready to take on the world! Very motivating….this could be the theme song for your book…..except for the part where you will roll up and die. I tend to like happy endings :}”
Madelyn Harris, Seaside, OR
“I love it!! I really like the faster tempo – I think it suits you and your voice can do it. I know you like the slower Sinatra songs but I thinkyou should do a couple more up tempo ones like this. Very cool!!”
Tina Purdy, Bellevue,WA
“Too bad Sinatra isn’t still alive to have an “S&S Tour” with George. The emotion and appeal of these songs comes through better than ever with George Santino’s interpretation.”
Carmen Gutwirth, Tampa, FL
“I love this song! A throwback to when music was was music!”
Shylo Staats, Kirkland, WA
“Where did this Santino character come from? Has he been hiding or in witness protection or something? He doesn’t look like a kid. Why no CDs until now? Maybe part of it is the excellent song selection, but it’s as though I’d never heard those great songs until my friend put this on in my car.”
Anna Matuszewski, Edmonds, WA