The Interview Tactics that Scare Off Candidates

Employers should also be careful with multiple interviewers and be sure to let the candidate speak, says George A. Santino, author of Get Back Up: From the Streets to Microsoft Suites.  “With multiple interviews there needs to be coordination between them,” says Santino. “Few things can turn a candidate off more than interviewing with five [...]

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7 Steps To Landing (And Keeping) A New Job

Guest blogger George A. Santino was born into a family living in poverty in Philadelphia’s violent Tasker Street Projects. He was subjected to his alcoholic father’s fits of temper as he tried to earn money for himself by selling tomatoes from the back of a truck. A freak injury caused him to be discharged from the [...]

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Five Steps to Landing and Keeping That New Job

In his book, Get Back Up – From the Streets to the Microsoft Suites George A. Santino shares his rare humor and the story of his rise from humble beginnings through a series of adventures—opening a sports bar with no walls, cursing out a drill sergeant, battling a hiring manager to get a job offer that he intends to [...]

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