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Vote for me and I’ll set you free

Believe it or not the next political campaign is upon us. Seems like the last one just ended and the next one is beginning, and along with the political campaign comes all the promises: vote for me and I'll give you free healthcare, free college, free day care, and even a living wage. I'll fix [...]

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Primed for a Fight

“You have prostate cancer.” The punch in the stomach. “What? What did you say?” The doctor asked if I had any questions and those were the only two I could come up with at that moment. For years at my annual physical, I’ve been screened for prostate specific antigen, the test that tells the doctor [...]

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Prostate Cancer: Decision Time

The last doctor I was scheduled to see was a urologic oncologist at the University of Washington Department of Urology. If I were going to have surgery for my prostate cancer this was the guy who would do it. I’d heard he was one of the best in the world and my assumption, because he [...]

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